Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wet N' Wild - Caught on Sapphire

     A few weeks ago the new Wet N' Wild Hot Rocks collection popped up at my Rite Aid. I was ecstatic! For two reasons: (1)the collection is gorgeous, and (2)the only Fast Dry polishes I own are the basic line ones. This collection is a collection on chunky glitters. I found a picture of the collection online, it is not mine. However, it did not have a source, or watermark. Here is the collection:

They're gorgeous, right? I did only purchase one. I have my eye on a couple others in the collection though. The one I chose is the blue one, it's called 'Caught on Sapphire'. 

Here is my swatch of it, this is just one coat ! 

Here are a couple bottle shots. My camera did not pick up on it very well, but there is a purple iridescence to the base of the polish. It's very pretty. 

 The glitters in the polish are blue hexagons. 

I did wear this once already. The base color is a Petites Color Fever polish called 'Periwinkle'. 

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