Monday, June 3, 2013

Salon Perfect - Kaboom

     I've been seeing a lot of bloggers purchase the new Salon Perfect neon glitter polishes, and I just had to have one. I want to get a few of them, but I chose this one first. The reason I chose this one is because it is said to be a Floam dupe. I was excited when I first had heard about Floam a while ago, but wasn't so excited at it's price, $20! So, when I heard this one was a dupe, or very close to Floam, I had to have it.

The Salon Perfect polishes are $3.98 at Walmart.

This polish has a clear base. The glitters are tiny matte dots/circles. There are yellow, blue, and turquoise. 

In the picture below, I used Sinful Colors - Rise and Shine as a base. I applied two coats of Kaboom. 

In this next picture, I used Color Club - Yell-Oh! as a base. I applied three coats of Kaboom.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hard Candy - Black Tie Optional

As many of you know, Hard Candy recently came out with a ton of new polishes. There are a few I am interested in, and one I wanted very, VERY badly. My Walmart, however, is always sold out of this one. So, a good friend of mine picked it up for me. 

The polish I just HAD to have is Black Tie Optional. It's a glitter polish. It contains white and black hexagons (multiple sizes), black and white dots, and black tinsel glitters. My favorite thing about them is that they're matte ! I love, love, LOVE matte glitters. 

I was too impatient to wait till tomorrow to photograph, so I had to use the flash on my camera. The quality isn't as good, but it's good enough ! Hopefully ! If not, there are tons of lovely swatches here on the Internet. 

AHH ! I love this !!! :D 
It's a definite must have ! 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Revlon - 'Girly'

  I finally decided to get one of the newer Revlon polishes that I've been wanting. It came out some time ago, but I am just now getting my hands on it. I purchased this at Rite Aid, and if you're a Rite Aid shopper, then you know their regular Revlon polishes are about $5.50. However, one major reason I decided to finally get this was the fact that Revlon was 40% off at Rite Aid last week when I purchased this. This polish rang up at $3.29. Which I think was a great deal.

   There are three that I've been wanting, but I picked just one for now, and that one is 'Girly'. It is a jelly pink base with purple and pink glitters, I even spotted holographic in the sun. I just think this one is so pretty, and I don't own another polish quite like this. That's why I chose this one to get first.

   I painted on three coats. You could always apply a pink or purple base first though. I am in love with this polish ! It is definitely worth buying. It's best to catch it on sale, but I would honestly pay the full $5.50 for this. Also, I think they carry these at Walmart too, and I think they're under $4 there.

AHH! Isn't it just SOOO gorgeous ! <3

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Wet N Wild Megalast Polishes!

     As many of you probably know by now, a bunch of new shades of Wet N Wild Megalast nail polishes have recently popped up at Dollar General. It is rumored that they will eventually pop up at other stores where the Megalast polishes are sold. It is also said that these polishes are new additions to their permanent line. In my local Dollar General's sales add it says that there are 63 new shades! I am definitely planning on purchasing more, but for now I just have two. The two that I have are said to be dupes for Spoiled polishes. I've looked online at swatches of the Spoiled polishes, and they do look exactly the same. My sister actually picked up one of these new Megalast polishes, and it is the exact same as my Spoiled polish called 'Shuffle the Deck'.

     Anyways, back to the polishes I picked up. Like I said, I picked up two so far. The first is a black based polish with red chunky and fine glitters (the chunkier glitters are hexagons). The second is clear based, and has blue, gold, and pinky purple glitter (the blue and gold glitters are hexagons, the pinky purple ones are squares)

They're called 'On the 101' & 'Mixing it Up'

Here are my swatches!

Wet N' Wild - Caught on Sapphire

     A few weeks ago the new Wet N' Wild Hot Rocks collection popped up at my Rite Aid. I was ecstatic! For two reasons: (1)the collection is gorgeous, and (2)the only Fast Dry polishes I own are the basic line ones. This collection is a collection on chunky glitters. I found a picture of the collection online, it is not mine. However, it did not have a source, or watermark. Here is the collection:

They're gorgeous, right? I did only purchase one. I have my eye on a couple others in the collection though. The one I chose is the blue one, it's called 'Caught on Sapphire'. 

Here is my swatch of it, this is just one coat ! 

Here are a couple bottle shots. My camera did not pick up on it very well, but there is a purple iridescence to the base of the polish. It's very pretty. 

 The glitters in the polish are blue hexagons. 

I did wear this once already. The base color is a Petites Color Fever polish called 'Periwinkle'. 

Spoiled-Shrimp on the Barbie

Over this past weekend, my boyfriend stopped at CVS. While we were there he told me I could pick out a polish. Since I hardly go to CVS, I decided to pick out a Spoiled by Wet N' Wild polish. (They're CVS exclusive) This only makes my third Spoiled nail polish, there are so many more I want. This time I picked out a pink with a gold shimmer. It is called 'Shrimp on the Barbie', and I love it !

(three coats )

Monday, March 25, 2013

Polish Lottery - Episode 1

     I've been noticing a lot of people join the Nail Polish Lottery, and also people making up their own version. I think it is a fantastic idea, and wanted to try it out. I decided to do my own thing, and am simply just going to call it 'Polish Lottery', and I'll be doing them by episodes instead of weeks. I don't want to feel obligated to do this every week. Although, I would like to.

     I decided to use to randomly select a number, since I have all my polishes logged & numbered in a book. I am working on making a full single list though. I'll post about that when I finish with it. Anyways, back to the lottery. Today chose the number 16. Not every brand, or page in my book contains 16 colors, so I randomly opened to pages until i opened to a page containing at least 16. (This will be the method I use until I finish my complete list) I ended up opening to one of my random pages. This particular page started with the number 49. So, I started with that, and counted 16 down.

     The polish that was chosen is from the brand YH Beja, NEVER HEARD OF IT ! James actually gave it to me and said it was from his grandmother. I have absolutely no idea where she got this from, or how much it costs. Anyways, it is a metallic pink, and the bottle is exactly the same as the Kleancolor bottles. I think it's really pretty, but the formula is a bit weird. I noticed some bubbles, on ever nail actually. Also, it has a weird grape-y smell to it. Neither of these things bother me though. So no big deal. Oh, and I applied two coats. Now, here are some pictures !

The polish has no name, just a number. Unless 'cosmetic' is the name. No clue. 

As some of you might know, metallics can be tricky to photograph with flash. This is the only flash picture I took. So much shine!

As you can see, I made a boo-boo on my pointer finger. It is cropped out in the first picture. 

Overall, I like this color. Is it FREAKING AMAZING? No, I wouldn't say that. However, it is a pretty one, and I'm glad I have it.